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This is my APRS (Automatic Packet Reporting System) location page, while this page is more for my personal use (than anything else) but feel free to watch me drive down the road if you want. Please keep in mind that APRS is NOT just a vehicle tracker, it's tactical information and communication.

I recommend APRSIS32 Software, it is the current "State of the ART" of APRS software (and it's free).
Using APRSIS32 you can watch APRS traffic in your area with just an internet connection.
If you don't want to load software you can watch APRS (and freighters using AIS) traffic at APRS.FI
(the website that feeds the maps below)
Amateur Radio Operators routinely provide APRS Tracking & Communication for public events like marathons, bike races, and other events that require tracking groups or activities.

FindU allows a wildcard search of stations, the link at left will list all my APRS stations










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(Home Location)

Grid Square: FM18rv78rh

CQ Zone 5
I.T.U Zone 8

Latitude: 38.80798
Longitude: -76.6783

Latitude: N38° 48' 28''
Longitude: W76° 40' 41''

Latitude: 38.910°
Longitude: -76.519°

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